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In Dr.P's insight on Fahrenheit 451 he expresses himself differently from others. One he states we should "re-read books " so we can actually see the meaning behind everything. I believe it is an accurate suggestion because when we read it once it's just for like a class you have to read it for or for some of you guys out there probably for the grade. As stated before re reading books again make you think differently of what the author is trying to portray and infer all the things differently than the first time we read them. Some usage of syntax and diction Dr.P uses would be forming sentences with examples that we might relate to or specific articles that show involvement with maybe seeing things different when re reading everything again. As well as, using intellectual words that we might know or not, but …

1.)  The significance of the glass of milk, the apple, and the pear was the remembrance of Millie and him at the farm they went once or a reminder that he still belongs here.

2.) He saw Millie.

3.) The fire is different by him looking and thinking of it as a different way specifically how it smelled, took away and gave ,the meaning of burning which to him was "warming", but the most significant thing about this is how he himself with men he'll later relate too. 

4.) Granger is one of the mens who he encountered when seeing fire, but to be more specific he was the author of: The Fingers in the Glove; the Proper Relationship between the Individual and Society, while the other men are; Fred Clement, the Thomas Hardy chair at Cambridge; Dr. Simmons, from UCLA a specialist in Ortega y Gasset; Professor West, ethics and ancient study for Columbia University; Reverend Padover gave lectures 30 years ago. These are all the men Montag encountered.

5.) What ac…

1.) Montag he hid the books at Mrs.Black's home and phoned the alarm to come a search/burn the house containing the books.

2.) Faber describes the war as funny since Montag and himself are having their own troubles and now war that just began is portrayed funny for Faber.

3.) is the TV a personal sized tv by any chance ? It's described as something they want that isn't big so I'm assuming it's a small-sized tv ? I could be wrong if I didn't portray it correctl, as well as notifying them with emergence.

4.) It was his name and describptions of how he might look and to be aware she's a man running with one leg. ( lol )

5.) Montag was running for the river so none of the houses, while opening their doors can see him pass by, as well as getting his odors off his body so the hound won't be able to find him.

1.) The hound attacked Montag because he just killed Beatty along with the other firemen.

2.) Montag defended himself by stabbing it with a needle and watched it pop up and die infront of him.

3.) He realized that Beatty wanted to die,even though he had the chance to save himself, but chose not too.

4.) Montag ran off to Faber's home.

5.) When he crossed the street he feel onto his face and knees because he heard the speeding of a car and knew it was the police coming after him but he was able to not get seen by them.

Fahrenheit 451 Questions pt. 2:

1. In the scene where Mildred and Montag read books together, what are their separate reactions?
2. What is the effect throughout sections I and II, of the bombers flying over?
3. Who is Professor Faber?
4. Montag’s reaction to the commercial on the subway is a turning point in his life. How does he react and why?
5. What argument does Faber make for books?
6. What is the “small green metal object”?
7. What does the White Clown show lead you to believe about television programming in this society?
8. Why does Mrs. Phelps cry when Montag reads “Dover Beach”?
9. What is Montag’s destination at the end of section II? Why?


1.)  Montag is quite interested and excited to be feeling and able to read what he thinks is something useful. While, Mildred on the other hand is like whatever this is nonsense we don't need this.

2.)  I think the effect about the bombers flying over is quite more alarming towards the people that fear of thi…
Fahrenheit 451: Questions

1.The novel Fahrenheit 451 begins : “It was a pleasure to burn.” Why does Ray Bradbury start the novel in this way? Why might it be more pleasurable to burn books rather than read them?
2. In the opening scene, why are the books compared to birds?
3. Discuss the difference between Montag and Clarisse’s lives.
4. Montag’s television includes headphones called “seashells.”  The “wall to wall circuit” allows Mildred to enter the “play” and, therefore, the television programming. How does the technology within the novel compare to our current technology? In the first pages of the novel,does technology improve the quality of life for Montag and his wife, Mildred? Why or why not?
5. Why does the narrator introduce us to Montag at this time of his life, when he encounters Clarisse and confronts Mildred’s overdose?
6. Why does the author introduce the character of Clarisse before Mildred?
7. Why are all the houses fireproof in this society?
8. Why does…
NOTES ON FARENHEIT 451 (pgs.7-23)

* We know Montage met Clarisse McClellan and might be attracted to her?
* Montage's wife might have problems b/c she just overdosed herself (crazzzy)
* They do NOT love each other, Montage and his wife
* Montage is NOT HAPPY
* As well as he does not love his mate which he hides and tries to say it wasn't true but Clarisse knows he does not love her by his attitude and his actions he makes