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It's Friday, warm outside too. I am absolutely excited to leave today in the after to San Jose,CA because I will be attending my cousins 15 which will be an exciting adventure. My favorite part is the ride,seeing the green grasslands,cattle,clear blue sky. The other thing I enjoy is listening to music and reading on the way too. I can't wait to see my family at last. So long, see you on the other side.

BIG QUESTION: What are strageties to find good finds at the thrift?
I could say I have been thrifting for one year and a half and the only thing I've wished for is to find fire pieces like the ones that bloggers I follow on YouTube have found. So, what I did over break to explore my big question was keep on watching the bloggers I follow and round two, The Show, which provides all the fashion lifestyle (now a days) and give me ideas of what might be a jewel. One thing I learned by exploring over break was that if you have good resources they'll lead to you having  good results like I did. A connection I can make with this is our blogs, because people also post about their finds to share it with people that enjoy vintage things, like I do. What I will do next is keep thrifting.

Any questions or comments feel free to do so ! Avoir 😊

Notably, we can see from the author's use of diction,syntax,tone,and rhetorical strageties to develop his main arguments, are asserted well.
  From the beginning, he introduces his tone of what he is feeling about this subject quite unsettled, this is because the subject is the Internet expanding to something more than electronics, social media, and "pictures" portrayed differently than they used to be. For example, before smart phones and the internet started to develop the only thing people had was "Polaroid or Developing cameras which you had to go through a process which took awhile and was quite expensive to have these images be developed",because of this later on you would show the family all the pictures in albums. While on the other hand, with phones and the internet being a drastic change to society it had a "different impact on us because we don't show our pictures like we used to we do it on social media ". Which the…
Q#3 1982: Describe a place, conveying feeling through concrete and specific detail.

   Long afternoons, sunny mornings, and empathy/care is here accompanying us every day in this exact place. What is home to you ? Is it a place to chill ? Or a place where you know there will always be love/ care, even though there might be tough days? Well, I'll let you know that this is how I imagine the idea of a "home". A home consists of many things, but this is how I see an  early  morning. Waking up, you get a quite unusual smell, like of rotting food, to think a home would always smell bad. It's a pass. You then, move onto the restroom, carefully examining yourself infront of the mirror, examining each spot of imperfections or unwanted acne and maybe unsatisfaction of your beauty. Later on, when finished judging yourself, you take the toothbrush and floss to begin washing/flossing your teeth. You begin  to floss your teeth and then you get a sudden taste and when you spit brig…

( Well they say "it's better late than never" but it was not correct of me to wait 4or5 days later to start working on my essay. )

In Dr.P's insight on Fahrenheit 451 he expresses himself differently from others. One he states we should "re-read books " so we can actually see the meaning behind everything. I believe it is an accurate suggestion because when we read it once it's just for like a class you have to read it for or for some of you guys out there probably for the grade. As stated before re reading books again make you think differently of what the author is trying to portray and infer all the things differently than the first time we read them. Some usage of syntax and diction Dr.P uses would be forming sentences with examples that we might relate to or specific articles that show involvement with maybe seeing things different when re reading everything again. As well as, using intellectual words that we might know or not, but …

1.)  The significance of the glass of milk, the apple, and the pear was the remembrance of Millie and him at the farm they went once or a reminder that he still belongs here.

2.) He saw Millie.

3.) The fire is different by him looking and thinking of it as a different way specifically how it smelled, took away and gave ,the meaning of burning which to him was "warming", but the most significant thing about this is how he himself with men he'll later relate too. 

4.) Granger is one of the mens who he encountered when seeing fire, but to be more specific he was the author of: The Fingers in the Glove; the Proper Relationship between the Individual and Society, while the other men are; Fred Clement, the Thomas Hardy chair at Cambridge; Dr. Simmons, from UCLA a specialist in Ortega y Gasset; Professor West, ethics and ancient study for Columbia University; Reverend Padover gave lectures 30 years ago. These are all the men Montag encountered.

5.) What ac…